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Subject: Subject and mission

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:56:11 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch <>


Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right places!

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

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Johann Wilhelm Naumann Foundation

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Mr P. Coleman, L L.M.



Church in Need

Luebeck, 27 February 2020

Free English translation on 21.June 2021

Die Tagespost Faith & Knowledge-Life 25

Dear Gentlemen of the, Dear Clergy, Dear Readers,

Today my person received a free trial-newspaper from your company and was totally shocked or rather shocked by the picture of the late Pope Pius XII. on the front page.

At the same time, while leafing through it, my person noticed page 25 with the shocker illustration listed, and now my person wonders whether such an event was forced by you, because you will have given serious thought to the whereabouts of the deceased Popes, or whether fate brought this newspaper to my house, because my person has already bother herself about such serious thought.

One thing, however, is quite certain: You and others will not be able to create any future Christian values and to seriously and honestly bind children and young people to us all Lord God in these ways that you are using, because you are acting in the opposite way, in that even small children or children can get to see such a newspaper with such pictures, and if then the parents also associate this newspaper with Christian values, with the Church and with God, then surely a child who is beginning to take an interest in its origins and its surroundings must seriously ask itself who or what God is and where God comes from!

A child normally thinks many simple thoughts about its security, about its confidants and its family and about everything that is connected with this, and if you and others act recklessly and thoughtlessly in spite of these childish thoughts in order to try to arouse interest in your newspaper, then in the final analysis you are doing this precisely at the expense of our Lord God.

With such nonsense you block or influence the relationship of a child's soul to the Lord God of us all, and you do this as a company of the Church, also by allowing all other media to act in this way through all kinds of nonsense, as can already be taken several times from my various homepages, whereby this kind of toy products* of the worldwide societies must also be mentioned in this regard!

Everyone can work out for themselves that this will inevitably increase the future shortage of priests and that it will not be possible to provide sufficient "basic care for the souls or the population worldwide".

At the same time, my person has looked through the enclosed mailings and appeals for donations from "Church in Need and from ADF International" and would like to inform you, as the responsible persons, that a solid foundation looks quite different!

No one can be a Christian or become a Christian solely through a good education and not even, if one had so much money and means to do so!

A Christian develops through his origins, through his family and through his environment and above all through the exemplary Christian life of his parents and grandparents or, if necessary, also through his trusted Christian educators, whereby a "true" Clergyman must always be encountered in this way!

Furthermore, it should be noted that the acknowledged freedom of religion is an impudent and cowardly lie of every Christian and stands in great contradiction to a lived life of a Christian, since it is only and exclusively possible to enter into a fulfilled and next eternal life through the Son of God, which every Christian will know!

The religion of a different thinker or different believer is to be respected for the sake of peace and is one thing*, but to support and promote a foreign religion, that is a great contradiction in itself, which one must not allow as a Christian and as a child of God!

In my opinion, you as the above-mentioned contact persons are not on totally wrong paths, since you include foreign cultures in your thinking, but these paths must be able to cross with God's paths and this will obviously only happen, if you as well as everyone else will put the contents of the **homepages of my person into practice!

With best wishes

Ursula Sabisch

Notice:  *That is between the Clavator of my Cudgel by the spirit and the world population.

20.06.2021 German-language document checked.

HP: Since my time has already been strained, my person must also use this letter for the public by inserting it into one of my person's various homepages, whereby the page is not intended for small children for the reasons mentioned here!